How the SEC fared against BCS teams

The SEC's overall nonconference record last season, including bowl games, was 46-12 (.793). The 5-5 record in bowl games knocked that percentage below the .800 mark.

A better gauge of how a conference fared is what it did against teams from other BCS conferences. The SEC was 15-10 (.600) last season, and again, that counts bowl games.

Here's a specific breakdown:

Big East: 3-2

Big Ten: 4-2

Big 12: 2-1

Pac-10: 1-1

ACC: 5-4

The ACC and Big East were the only two BCS conferences with losing records against their BCS nonconference foes. The Pac-10 had the best record, although the Pac-10 played six fewer games against BCS nonconference opponents than the SEC.

Here's the breakdown by conference:

Pac-10: 12-7 (.631)

SEC: 15-10 (.600)

Big 12: 11-9 (.550)

Big Ten: 8-8 (.500)

ACC: 9-14 (.391)

Big East: 6-13 (.315)

One note for Big Ten fans, especially since Big Ten fans insist I'm always ragging on you guys, is that Big Ten teams also played three games against Notre Dame and were 2-1. So if you include the Irish in the BCS mix, the Big Ten would be 10-9.