Too much talent not a problem for Gators

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

When do you know a team is dripping with talent?

When the coach from that team starts getting questions about keeping everybody happy.

And, in truth, that may be one of Florida coach Urban Meyer's greatest challenges this season as the Gators gun for their third BCS national championship in the last four years.

Just look at the secondary, for instance. It's not an exaggeration to suggest that the Gators might have eight players back there capable of starting for just about any other team in the SEC.

The thing Florida has going for it, according to Meyer, is strong leadership among the players (namely Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes) and a whole lot of competition.

"I think we've really promoted the competition, and we've promoted team first," Meyer said. "Great things happen when you have an unselfish team. Last year's was arguably the most unselfish [team] I've been a part of. They got to wear a championship ring, compete in the SEC championship game.

"I really believe our guys love it at Florida. More importantly, I really believe they care for each other. It's a good situation right now in that locker room, in the weight room and when they're together. That's not easy."

People ask all the time what drives Tebow to be the competitor he is and to play with the passion that he does on every single play.

That's simple, according to the Gators' star quarterback. He doesn't want to let his teammates down, which probably tells you a lot about what brought him back to Florida for his senior season.

"We are so close, and we're not out there playing for ourselves," Tebow said. "We play for each other, and that is a huge motivating factor for me. Every time we step on the field, we are focusing on trying to get better and not letting each other down."