Draft analyst unloads on Cam Newton

As the NFL draft nears, the warts on players get bigger and uglier.

It's not what they can do, but what they can't do -- or what they aren't.

There have been varying opinions on former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, who's being tabbed as a top-10 pick by a lot of people.

However, Nolan Nawrocki, who took over the Pro Football Weekly draft preview for the late Joel Buschbaum, absolutely torches Newton when discussing "negatives."

Nawrocki writes of Newton: "Very disingenuous -- has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law -- does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness -- is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable."

Good thing for Newton that Nawrocki isn't advising every NFL team, and we've all seen that talent typically wins out in these cases.

In Newton's defense, I've had a number of one-on-ones with him over the last year and never came away feeling as if he were as disingenuous as Nawrocki describes. He was cocky, yes, and had an air about him, but he was always respectful and never gave the impression that he was selfish.

In fact, his teammates swore by him last season and rallied around him the more Newton was scrutinized by all the NCAA allegations.