Best and worst homefield advantages

Who has the best homefield advantage in the SEC?

I've said repeatedly that when Tiger Stadium is rocking, especially at night, there's no place in college football that's any tougher to play for the opponent.

Brian Fremeau of Football Outsiders has come up with a formula measuring actual performance versus expected performance to compute the top home-field advantages and worst home-field advantages in college football from 2003-2010.

Would you believe that Mississippi State is the only SEC team to make the top 10 at No. 9? And get this: The Bulldogs were just 17-28 at home against FBS teams during that span.

None of the SEC teams fell into the bottom 10 category of worst home-field advantages, although Fremeau writes that LSU came in 12th worst among BCS schools.

Sorry, but I've been in Tiger Stadium too many times when I couldn't hear myself think and watched as the other team melted in the second half. I'm all for science and everything, but ask those coaches and players around the league which of the SEC's venues is the toughest to play in, and Tiger Stadium is always going to be right up there at the top.

Arkansas finished in the top 10 of the best road teams. The Hogs were No. 5 with a 16-20 record against FBS foes during that span. The No. 1 road team was Northwestern, followed by Bowling Green, Tulane and USC.

Not sure about you, but other than USC, those aren't the teams I'd pick nationally over the last eight years who would qualify as college football's road warriors.