More marijuana trouble for Gators

Turns out star cornerback Janoris Jenkins isn't the only Florida player in the last few months to get in trouble with police for marijuana possession.

The Palm Beach Post reported over the weekend that sophomore linebacker Kedric Johnson and redshirt freshman defensive end/linebacker Chris Martin were also arrested and charged back in January with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana in separate incidents.

Jenkins was charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana early Saturday morning after police said they saw him sitting in his car in a parking lot and smoking what turned out to be a marijuana cigar. Three months earlier, a police officer caught Jenkins rolling a marijuana cigarette in a the bathroom of a Gainesville nightclub, a charge that led to a plea agreement by Jenkins.

It was well-documented that there were more than 30 arrests involving Florida football players under former coach Urban Meyer.

The tally is already up to four under new coach Will Muschamp, and he's only been on the job for four months.

Obviously, it's impossible to change a program's culture in four months, so blaming Muschamp for players getting popped for smoking marijuana a few months after he was hired is unfair.

Anybody who thinks that doesn't go on elsewhere on college campuses, by athletes and non-athletes alike, is in total denial.

That said, marijuana is illegal, and it's only fair to question how much it really means to a player to be a part of a program when he's brazen enough to sit in a parking lot puffing on a blunt after being arrested three months earlier for trying to twist one up in the bathroom of a nightclub.

What's more, Jenkins is the best player on the team and probably the most recognizable.

Anyway, now is when you judge Muschamp, who has a tone-setting decision to make.

There will be some who joke that he's already ahead of Meyer's blistering pace when it comes to players getting in trouble with the law. Again, that's unfair.

But what is fair is monitoring how Muschamp deals with these issues and how serious he is about sending a message that they won't be tolerated now that he's the Head Gator.