Poll: Which SEC coach needs to win?

The hot seat for SEC football coaches is a part of life.

Granted, some seats are a lot hotter than others, but you're only as good in this league as your last championship or your last win.

And the more you win, the hotter that seat gets if you hit a skid.

The dean of SEC coaches at the same school is Georgia's Mark Richt, who arrived in Athens in 2001 and has won two SEC championships and 10 or more games in six of his 10 seasons. His problem is that he's lost 12 games over the last two seasons, suffered through the school's first losing season since 1996 a year ago and hasn't been to the SEC championship game since 2005.

Needless to say, the Georgia fans are restless, making this a pivotal season for Richt and the direction of the program.

Truthfully, every season is pivotal in this league, and any equity that a coach has built up can disappear in a flash.

Other than Richt, what other SEC coaches need a big season in 2011? Vote in our poll and tell us whose seat is the hottest, and we'll examine the results next week.