Florida radio stations supporting Tide

The state of Alabama has picked up a few new supporters.

ESPN Radio affiliates Ocala 900AM and Gainesville 1230AM have started the “Gators lifting the Tide” campaign to help aid those affected by the horrific tornadoes that swept through the state of Alabama on April 27. Tuscaloosa, which is home to the University of Alabama, endured a tremendous amount of devastation.

Gainesville houses the University of Florida, while Ocala is a little more than 30 miles south of the university.

The Florida radio stations are asking people to help by purchasing a gift card of their choice and taking it to one of the drop-off locations in the stations’ listening areas. The cards will then be taken and given to the Alabama Disaster Relief for distribution to those in need.

“I’ve spoken to a few people over the past couple of weeks who said there is still so much to be done and that many people were still in need,” host Mark McLeod said in a release. “Floridians have been through some devastating weather ourselves, so we have a good idea what they’re going through.”

Additional information and locations of drop-off spots can be found on the stations’ website.

The state of Alabama has received a bevy of aid from the Southeast since last month's storms.

Two days after the storms, an Auburn contingent of approximately 70 -- including athletic director Jay Jacobs, football coach Gene Chizik and 15 football players -- bused to the Birmingham, Ala., area to help with relief efforts.

Earlier this month, the SEC also pledged $500,000 to the University of Alabama to support its efforts in assisting students, faculty and staff who were affected by the tornadoes.