On the move in the SEC

We’re starting to see the normal attrition across the league, players leaving on their own accord or being asked to leave.

If you toss in a few of the injured players who aren’t expected to play next season, you could put together a pretty decent team of those SEC players who have either moved on or won’t be on the field this fall for various reasons.

Here’s a sampling:



  • Chris Martin, DE, Florida

  • Kerry Murphy, NG, Alabama (injured)

  • Montori Hughes, DT, Tennessee

  • D.T. Shackelford, LB, Ole Miss (injured)

  • Clarence Jackson, LB, Ole Miss

  • Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida

  • B.J. Scott, CB, Alabama

  • Mike McNeil, S, Auburn

  • Robby Green, S, Alabama