Ohio State's SEC drought continues

The drought mercifully ended for Ohio State back on Jan. 4 in New Orleans when the Buckeyes held on to defeat Arkansas 31-26 in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

At last, Ohio State had beaten an SEC team in a bowl game. That's what we all thought at the time, anyway.

But with Ohio State's announcement Friday that it was vacating all of its wins from the 2010 season, including the Sugar Bowl victory, that means the Buckeyes are still oh-fer against the SEC in bowl games.

Officially, the Buckeyes are still 0-9 against SEC teams in bowl games.

Yes, it's a silly punishment, but Ohio State's win over Arkansas has been vacated. I guess it's like the game was never even played, that the Hogs didn't botch that chance to return a blocked punt for an easy touchdown and that Ryan Mallett didn't throw that late interception to seal the Hogs' fate.

Arkansas doesn't pick up the win. Ohio State simply loses it.

And speaking of fate, anybody find it ironic that Ohio State is paying this price because the Buckeyes played ineligible players to finally break through against the SEC, the league everybody else around the country points to as being the model for cheating in college football?

Remember Big Ten commissioner Jm Delany's comments about the NCAA missing an opportunity to stand up and hold the people involved in the Cam Newton ordeal accountable?

Granted, the NCAA hasn't closed the Auburn case yet, so we won't go there.

But one case that has been closed is that Ohio State is still looking for its first win against the SEC in a bowl game.

At least, officially.