SEC media days: Best of Day 2

Best story: At the conclusion of the Mark Richt Camp during Aaron Murray's senior year of high school, he was tossing the football around with a girl when offensive lineman Ben Jones, then a freshman at Georgia, informed Murray's father that Murray's girlfriend was "gorgeous." Murray's father then delivered a classic, stone-faced line.

"My dad turns to Ben and says, 'Son, that's my daughter right there,'" Murray said.

Best self-endorsement: Tennessee might not have to search too far to find its next athletic director. When asked who he thought might make the best choice for the hire, Vols coach Derek Dooley didn't hesitate with an answer: "The best athletic director I ever worked for was at Louisiana Tech." Of course, he meant himself.

Best analogy: Kentucky linebacker Danny Trevathan nominated Florida's Jeffery Demps as the toughest running back to bring down because of his blistering speed. He's faced Demps since high school and likened his size and speed to a rascally rodent.

"It's hard to chase a rat," he said.

Best hair: Tennessee offensive tackle Dallas Thomas has been growing his hair for six years and had it up and in huge, thick braids going down his back. It takes roughly an hour and a half to braid it up, but don't worry: He doesn't have issues putting his helmet on.

"I don't have any problems," he said. "I just braid it back or put a skullcap on and it just slides right on."

Best chance to make "Dancing With the Stars": Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen's Riverdance-type dance routine he showed off during last year's Alabama game is gaining more popularity. There is even a video on YouTube named "Teach Me How to Lutzie" that has more than 50,000 views.

"It's pretty much everywhere," Lutzenkirchen said. "I go somewhere and someone says something about it. It's funny that it's what I'll be remembered for, that touchdown more than any others, but it's all fun and games."

Best piece of advice: When asked what he thought Kentucky had to do to make a push to compete in the SEC East, quarterback Morgan Newton advised his teammates to stay off one of the most popular social media outlets: "Don't tweet as much. That Twitter will get you."

Best record: Dooley and his Volunteers might have been 6-7 in the win-loss column last season, but he has another way of looking at the season after games against LSU and North Carolina ended in clock controversy.

"I told everybody I was 8-7 in postgame handshakes last year," Dooley said. "It was a remarkable feat."