Florida State could be flirting with SEC

It looks like you can add Florida State to the list of schools that could be interested in making a move to the SEC.

While most of the talk has centered around Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 for the SEC in the near future, according to a report by The Palm Beach Post, Florida State officials have been flirting with the SEC for "several months and the discussion now are getting more serious," sources said.

A source close to FSU told The Post that a possible move to the SEC "is real."

Geographically, Florida State makes sense, and it's another way for the SEC to dip deeper into the Florida markets. Athletically, FSU has some of the most premiere sports programs in the ACC and would fit in with the SEC's successes.

But what would the University of Florida have to say about this?

The idea of having FSU in the same conference -- and most likely in the same division -- probably wouldn't sit too well with Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. It's not seeing the Seminoles around more that would irk him and other Gator higher-ups -- they pretty much play each other in almost every sport every year -- but it would take away one of Florida's best recruiting advantages over the Seminoles -- the Gators play in the country's best conference and FSU doesn't.

For many kids, the decision between playing at these two schools can come down to wanting to play in the SEC or the ACC.

Florida would likely not want to see that recruiting edge diminished by having the Seminoles even closer neighbors to the north.

On the other hand, SEC schools other than Florida might not be as hesitant to bring in FSU because it would cut into Florida’s stronghold on the state’s top talent. Making that Sunshine State talent more accessible to the rest of the league might be attractive to Florida’s SEC brethren.

The likelihood of FSU joining the SEC is certainly lower than Texas A&M's, but it will be interesting to see what happens if the Aggies do join. SEC commissioner Mike Slive won't be looking to bring in just one school, making 13 total. He'll likely try to get to 14 or maybe even 16 schools and reaching out to the East Coast makes sense.

FSU might not be Florida's first choice, but it's a school to keep an eye on.