My chat recap

I appreciate everybody stopping by earlier today for my chat. This time next week, we'll have games to look forward to later that night.

Here are some of the highlights:

Clay in Mobile: Do you see any similarities in the Clowney hype this year and the Powell hype last year?

Chris Low: Based on the way Clowney has practiced and performed this preseason on the practice field, I'd say not. But he's got to do it in games. Powell was held back last season by his attitude.

Jim in Arkansas: Who has the best D-line in the SEC?

Chris Low: A really close battle between Arkansas, LSU and South Carolina. I love the Hogs' depth inside, especially with the addition of Robert Thomas. LSU also has a couple of young studs inside, and Sam Montgomery may be the Comeback Player of the Year at end. If Clowney is as good as I think he's going to be, then maybe the Gamecocks get the nod. Devin Taylor is an All-America type player at the other end. Let me see these guys all play three or four weeks, and then I'll pick.

Dave in New Jersey: What's your gut on what LSU does with the bar brawl players?

Chris Low: My sense is that Miles will have to hand out at least a few suspensions. He's on record as saying he will take strong action. Now, if something happens and none of the LSU players are ever charged with anything, then maybe he doesn't bring down the hammer. Either way, this whole fiasco has been terribly distracting for the team and can't help going into such a demanding opener.

Andrew in Gainesville, Fla.: I feel like people are underestimating Florida this year. What is your realistic number of wins you think the Gators will have? Besides Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Florida State I believe all the other games are very winnable and I believe we might could pull out one or maybe two of these games. What would you say?

Chris Low: If Will Muschamp can squeeze out a 9-3 regular season in his first year, then I would think that's an excellent start for him. The schedule is nasty -- four games against top 12 teams. I believe the Gators will be very good in their front seven on defense. But there are huge question marks in the offensive line, and I think we all have to wait and see what version of John Brantley we see this season in Weis' new pro-style system.

Keith in Princeton, N.J.: Chris -- Are the Aggies in or out?

Chris Low: I think they're in once they finalize their divorce from the Big 12.