Phillip Sims starts second half for Tide

Redshirt freshman Phillip Sims got the start for Alabama in the second half, but his first-half struggles bled over into the second.

Sims went 1-for-3 with an interception to start the second half, making him 4-of-10 passing for 23 yards and an interception.

Sims played in the second series of the second half and had his second pass picked off and taken 37 yards to Alabama's 3-yard line, which set up a Kent State touchdown to erase the shutout and make it 24-7.

Sims looks like a freshman out there and is no doubt dealing with some major nerves, but he is in the middle of an intense battle with AJ McCarron for the starting quarterback spot and doesn't want to fall too far behind him. McCarron was 10-of-18 for 161 yards, with a touchdown and an interception in the first half.