Herschel Walker was one of a kind

More than 30 years after he played his first game at Georgia, Herschel Walker remains almost larger than life.

And for that matter, the guy looks like he could still play. Maybe he has one more toss sweep left in him.

I'd pay to see it.

As an admitted SEC football junkie, I remember vividly moments in time that have defined this league.

I can still see the Bear leaning up against the goal post prior to games.

I can still see Danny Wuerffel pinpointing passes where only his receivers could get them in Florida's Fun 'n' Gun offense.

I can still see Antonio Langham's pick-6 in the inaugural SEC championship game.

But no image more clearly defines the greatness of this league to me than Herschel Walker taking a pitch, turning the corner and then bulldozing a defender with, as the venerable Larry Munson would say, "those big thighs."

Walker is, was and always will be SEC royalty.

He burst onto the scene as a freshman in 1980 and didn't even hit the field until the second half of his first game against Tennessee. The Bulldogs trailed 15-2 in that contest on the road and needed a jolt.

Walker gave them a jolt all right. He ran over Bill Bates on his way to an epic 16-yard touchdown run, spawning a legendary career that produced 5,259 rushing yards -- an NCAA record for three seasons.

We're treated to a closer look at Walker later tonight when "Herschel" premiers at 8 p.m. ET on ESPNU. It's Episode 1 in "Storied," a new series ESPN is doing with the SEC.

Walker was on The Scott Van Pelt Show earlier and also made the rounds in Bristol.