Spurrier: We've got a lot of coaching to do

In vintage fashion, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said Wednesday that his team needed to get a lot better or there were going to be a lot of disappointed people in garnet and black this season.

The Gamecocks are 2-0 and ranked No. 10 nationally, but the Head Ball Coach said they’re sure not playing like the 10th-best team in the country.

Not even close.

“We have a lot of coaching to do around here, or we’re going to fall back into a very, very average team,” said Spurrier, whose Gamecocks face Navy at home on Saturday. “This game this week is very important to see if we can play with some fire and energy and tackle. We haven’t tackled well.

“We need to see if we can just look like a good team.”

Covering the pass continues to be a struggle for the Gamecocks, who’ve already given up eight touchdown passes in two games. They’re ranked 10th in the league in total defense, 11th in scoring defense and last in passing defense.

“Obviously, we don’t look like we know what we’re doing, or we’ve got some bad players, one or the other,” Spurrier said. “We’re trying to coach better, trying to simplify our defenses better and probably need to make some changes occasionally and give more guys chances to play.

“But, no, we’ve not dominated the game on defense at all like we thought we could. I’ve been reading about all these great athletes we’ve got on defense and everybody is bragging about all our great athletes, but we don’t play great. That’s for sure.”

All of Spurrier’s ire wasn’t directed at the defense, either.

“We’re one of the worst passing teams in the nation right now. I think we’re 107th in pass offense,” Spurrier lamented. “So we’ve been very fortunate to win a couple of games. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to see if we can get better.”