Vols preparing for the Weis touch

Tennessee's coaches know they're going to get a little bit of everything from Florida on offense Saturday in terms of formation, shifts and motion.

They also know that first-year offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has a lot more in his vast playbook that he hasn't had to show in the Gators' first two games, both blowouts.

"If you go look at Charlie's history, if you just pulled up the first two games and then last year's Kansas City Chiefs, there are 10,000 different plays," Tennessee coach Derek Dooley said. "So you do the best you can. But it's going to come down to, number one, playing the defense on principle. There are going to be plays that we didn't prepare for, and we've got to play the play on principles of the scheme. Number two will be our ability to get off blocks and run to the ball and tackle."

Tennessee linebackers coach Peter Sirmon got an up-close view of Weis' offense as a player when Sirmon was with the Tennessee Titans and Weis was the offensive coordintar for the New England Patriots.

"He knows how to put his best players in the position to really utilize their skills," Sirmon told reporters Wednesday. "He's seen every defense drawn up and has a lot of resources to draw upon.

"I just hope he doesn't bring Tom Brady with him."