Third quarter update from Louisville

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Here's your third quarter update: More of the same. Bad.

Still no offensive touchdowns by either team. More punts than points.

Louisville just started its most recent drive inside its own 1, which looked like major trouble. But the Cardinals dug out of the hole, and Hunter Cantwell made his best throw of the day over the middle to Doug Beaumont for 27 yards, Louisville's longest play from scrimmage. But on third and long at midfield, Cantwell got slammed to the turf by Braxton Kelly.

That's the story of the day.

It must be said that Kentucky's defense has played extremely well. The Wildcats have dominated up front and have wrapped up well on open-field tackles. Not that Louisville is really challenging them.

Louisville hasn't been shut out since 2000 at Florida State but is in serious danger of that right now. Kentucky's offense hasn't done much either, as the Wildcats have strangely stopped trying to send receivers over the middle at Louisville's softest underbelly, the linebacker spot.