Spurrier: We're still trying to throw

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is exasperated with his lack of a passing game right now.

You can hear it in his voice and see it on his face.

But the Head Ball Coach isn’t so frustrated that he’s lost his sense of humor.

Spurrier was answering a question Wednesday about defensive end Melvin Ingram and the fact that he’s scored three touchdowns this season.

After remarking how unusual it was, Spurrier cracked, “He’s scored as many touchdowns as our team has thrown touchdown passes.”

Spurrier is renowned for keeping up with statistics, scores and numbers, so nobody needs to remind him that the Gamecocks have three touchdown passes this season as compared to seven interceptions.

It’s obvious that fifth-year senior quarterback Stephen Garcia is struggling. In fact, dating back to last season, he’s thrown 12 interceptions in his past six games.

“We’re still trying to throw,” Spurrier said. “It’s just that not a lot good is happening when we attempt. So after you attempt a little bit and nothing’s happening except for interceptions, then you say, ‘Man, we better try to win this game and quit throwing so much.’ That’s what’s been happening to us. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to win without throwing the ball downfield much.”