Nutt says Mackey is the Rebels' QB for now

It looks like the quarterback carousel has momentarily stopped at Ole Miss.

I stress momentarily with the way the season has started for the Rebels, but for now, Randall Mackey is the starter at Ole Miss after a solid performance in the Rebels’ win over Fresno State this past weekend.

“Right now, Randall is our guy,“ coach Houston Nutt said Wednesday. “I thought he did an excellent job for us, executing what was called and then getting us out of a bad way and giving our receivers a chance to catch the ball.”

Mackey passed for 214 yards and a touchdown in Ole Miss’ 38-28 win over the Bulldogs. What might have been more pleasing to the coaching staff was that he didn’t turn the ball over. The offense also racked up a season-high 430 yards.

With Mackey in, the Rebels have another running threat in the offense, and Nutt said that while the offense won’t change too much, he can add more of the option element if he needs to.

As the Rebels take the next two weeks to prepare for Alabama, Nutt said Mackey will take the first-team reps in practice, but Zack Stoudt and Barry Brunetti will continue to get solid snaps as well.

“Both those guys know you’re one play away,” Nutt said.