Majors back in the Vols' locker room

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Former Tennessee coach John Majors returns to the Vols' locker room Saturday on a game day for the first time since he was fired in 1992.

Majors will be honored as one of Tennessee's Legends prior to the UCLA game along with former running back James Berry, who's better known these days as being the father of Tennessee All-America safety Eric Berry.

Now that Lane Kiffin is in charge at Tennessee, Majors has been much more visible around the football program and has even attended some practices. He and former coach Phillip Fulmer had a long-standing feud that dated back to Majors' firing and his belief that Fulmer was a party to helping force him out.

Fulmer attended the Vols' opener and watched from a luxury suite. Fulmer and Kiffin haven't talked in any detail, if at all, since Kiffin was named the Tennessee coach.

One of the reasons is that Fulmer has wanted to give Kiffin his space. But it didn't sit well with Fulmer, either, that Kiffin had a secretary call him soon after getting the job and asking him to meet with him later that week in Kiffin's office.

Needless to say, that meeting never occurred.

Since that time, Monte Kiffin has reached out to Fulmer a couple of times hoping to smooth things out.