Rewind to 2010 Florida offense?

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Are my eyes deceiving me or has the 2010 Florida offense entered the building?

We thought we were through with the in-game quarterback rotation in Florida's offense, but it has reared its ugly head inside Tiger Stadium today.

Shocker: It's not working.

Florida has used Chris Rainey and Trey Burton in the wildcat formation on first and second down and then inserted Jacoby Brissett, a true freshman throwing his first college passes today, on third-down situations. That didn't work for John Brantley when he was junior and it certainly isn't working for Brissett.

LSU has just dominated Florida's offensive line and isn't really giving Brissett anything in the passing game on long downs.

Florida's offense hasn't done much today, but it's going backward with this plan.