Fake punt doesn't bother Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Tennessee coach Derek Dooley isn't holding back Saturday night.

Every single offensive play seems to be going through the middle of the field for the Vols and right when you thought Alabama was about to take back all the momentum, the Vols run a fake punt to get a first down in Alabama territory.

Tennessee even got 15 yards tacked on for a face mask penalty to get to the Alabama 33-yard line.

But none of that fazed Alabama's defense. The Crimson Tide turned right around and gave Tennessee absolutely nothing to work with. One yard and two punishing hits to wide receivers later and the Vols had to settle for a 52-yard Michael Palardy field goal.

Alabama's defense might not be thrilled about giving up points, but it showed great resiliency by bouncing back after a play that could have given Tennessee some much-needed momentum.