SEC BCS standings reaction

With the big day getting closer and closer, we will now officially have the top two teams in the BCS standings squaring off in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Saturday.

LSU remains at the top, with Alabama sitting at No. 2.

No shockers, really, and now the winner of Saturday's game between these two will officially be in the driver's seat for the national championship game. A tremendously exciting battle for the No. 2 spot should follow in the remaining weeks. That is, of course, if the winner runs the table afterward.

With Clemson losing to Georgia Tech, the Tigers' chances of getting back into the national championship race are slim. Wisconsin has no doubt officially been eliminated after suffering back-to-back losses. Oklahoma is still in the chase, ranking sixth, while Oklahoma State sits third, meaning all eyes will be on the Cowboys from here on out.

And don't forget about Stanford and Boise State. Both are in the top five and are very much in the national championship picture.

Clemson's loss also means that the chances of an Alabama-LSU rematch are increasing. While it still feels like the chances of it actually happening are low, slowly the right pieces are falling into place. The more losses, the better. Obviously, the loser of Saturday's still has to win out afterward, but losses by Oklahoma State, Stanford and Boise State would make it hard for voters not to really consider a rematch.

Tough games remain for Oklahoma State and Stanford, and you have to wonder if voters will give Boise the nod over a one-loss SEC team given the Broncos' much lighter schedule.

The new rankings also brought South Carolina into the top 10. The Gamecocks are ninth heading into a crucial game at Arkansas, which moved up to seventh from 10th. Both are still technically in the race for a BCS berth, but this weekend could eliminate one.