LSU's wall of fame ... and shame

Making the "Holy Cow" or "The Bone" board is a goal for LSU players. Edward Aschoff/ESPN.com

BATON ROUGE, La. -- You can imagine that there are a few pretty fun moments for LSU's football team.

OK, a lot of fun moments.

One of those fun moments is when the team likes to congratulate players for individual plays that will someday make the LSU highlight reel. Inside LSU's equipment room is a large cubby with three boards on the side that read: "Holy Cow," "The Bone" and "Got Boned."

You want your name or your picture on the Holy Cow and The Bone signs. Those are designated for players who made a big play in a game or a bone-crushing hit. Excuse the pun.

Knocking a kicker out on a special-teams block, beating a defensive back for a big catch, hurdling a defender or making an opponent cry gets you on these coveted boards.

However, slip up, and you'll be blasted by your teammates and placed on Got Boned. To make this disgraceful side of the wall means you were the recipient of such plays. You are razed for that week and shamed until you redeem yourself, or someone takes your place.

Also, there is another team tradition associated with this cubby. At the beginning of every game week, it is customary to put the opposing team's helmet at the top opposite the LSU helmet. It's a constant reminder of the goal ahead.

Welcome back to LSU's equipment room Alabama.