Calling it a day with the Tigers

BATON ROUGE, La. -- We are saying goodbye to the bayou.

It was a fun day with the LSU Tigers, but now it's time for them to get rid of us and totally concentrate on the task at hand: beating Alabama.

While these players and coaches have been as loose in front of the media as they could be, you can tell there is a lot of intensity flowing throughout the football complex. The players are confident, the staff is confident and the people behind the scenes are confident.

Coach Les Miles has said he's trying to make this as much like a regular game week as possible. He understands it isn't, but his players are responding to Miles' level head.

The playful nature of the players showed true again right before practice. Wide receiver Rueben Randle was eating a piece of candy -- probably some leftover Halloween candy -- while quarterback Jordan Jefferson was playing catch with freshman offensive lineman Jonah Austin. With every pass Austin made, Jefferson's face lit up more and more and he laughed.

After watching Austin "throw," I don't think the "Mad Hatter" will be calling on him to line up under center anytime soon.

It's only Tuesday, but you can tell this team is just about ready for the Crimson Tide. Today likely will be the Tigers' toughest day out on the practice field, and after that, mental preparation is key.

Then, it's game day.

"They're a very dominant team, and so are we," safety Brandon Taylor said. "They call us the two best teams playing in a regular-season game to see who goes to the SEC championship game and maybe the national championship, so there's a lot [riding on Saturday's game]."