Deangelo Peterson: Bama LBs are slow

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Both Alabama and LSU players have been pretty mild-mannered when it comes to talking about the other team.

No punches had really been thrown and we've mostly heard praises roll off the lips of players.

Then came LSU tight end Deangelo Peterson, who didn't hold back when talking about what he thought he could do against Alabama's linebackers while talking to the media Tuesday night.

"I feel like I can play a big role, but I feel like their linebackers can't guard me one-on-one and I don't think their safeties can either. So, if the ball comes my way, I'll make an opportunity with it," Peterson said.

"They're slow. They're big, they're like 260. I don't think they can run with me. I feel like I can get open with their linebackers."

That is correct. Peterson called out arguably the best linebacker corps in the country. And he did it with such ease. It felt like it was something that was second nature to him; as if saying it was almost common knowledge. He was calm in his delivery and was very honest with his thoughts.

You can't blame him for being honest, but I'm sure Courtney Upshaw and Dont'a Hightower won't be too happy about Peterson's words.

Talk about a little extra drama before Saturday's much-anticipated showdown. I wonder which Alabama coach will toss this bulletin board material in Alabama's linebackers' lockers before Saturday.