SEC race update: Week 11

We'll start in the West, where LSU is now leading the pack as the only unbeaten team in the SEC after taking down Alabama 9-6 in overtime last week.

The Tigers (9-0, 6-0) still have to play at Ole Miss on Nov. 19 and then come back home to face Arkansas on Nov. 25. If the Tigers win both of those games, they will head to Atlanta to play in the SEC championship game, which would be a play-in for them into the Allstate BCS National Championship Game.

Alabama and Arkansas are both tied for second in the West, each with one loss. Alabama has trips to Mississippi State and Auburn remaining in the league, while Arkansas faces Tennessee at home this week, Mississippi State at home (Little Rock) the following week and then travels to LSU on Nov. 25 to end the regular season.

If Arkansas were to beat LSU, forcing a three-way tie where all three teams had beaten each other, then it would go to the BCS standings. The highest ranked team in the BCS standings would be the West representative unless the second-place team is within five places of the highest ranked team. In that case, head-to-head competition between the top two teams would break the tie and the third team would be eliminated.

So, for instance, if Arkansas were to beat LSU and force the three-way tie and be ranked No. 2 in the BCS standings that come out the Sunday following the Nov. 25-26 weekend and Alabama was No. 3 and LSU No. 4, it would then come down to head-to-head competition between Arkansas and Alabama. The Crimson Tide would go to Atlanta based on their 38-14 win over the Hogs back in September.

The East race is Georgia's to win if the Bulldogs can take care of business at home this week against Auburn and then next week at home against Kentucky. South Carolina fell a game behind with its loss at Arkansas last week.

If Georgia stumbles and the two teams finish in a tie, South Carolina would be the East champ based on its 45-42 win over Georgia back in September. The Gamecocks close out SEC play this Saturday at home against Florida.