Arkansas-LSU not in Saban's TV plans

Don’t look for Alabama’s Nick Saban to be camped out in front of a television set Friday for the Arkansas-LSU game.

The same goes for the Alabama players.

“What I’ve said, or thought, is that if we have time to sit around and watch that game, we ought to be watching some Auburn film,” Saban said Wednesday.

With the way the BCS standings look right now, Alabama could put itself in great shape to finish in one of those top-two spots at the end of the season by winning Saturday at Auburn.

Nothing against Arkansas and LSU, but Saban doesn’t have any interest in that game. At least, not this weekend.

He’ll deal with any potential rematches down the road.

“I told our players this: That [Arkansas-LSU] game really doesn’t matter to us,” Saban said. “Our game is the game that’s most important, and I’m sure [Arkansas-LSU] is going to be a great game. They are two really good teams. We played them both, and both are very, very good teams. I’m sure it’s going to be a great game and probably ought to have tremendous interest in college football.”

Just not from the Crimson Tide.

For the record, an Alabama loss would be huge for Arkansas if the Hogs can win Friday in Baton Rouge. Even a shaky Alabama win could potentially help the Hogs in the polls.