Weekly chat wrap

Thanks to everybody who stopped by for my chat earlier Thursday. If you missed it, here are a few of the highlights:

Troy in South Carolina: Do you think that Ellis Johnson is going to stay at USC or go to Southern Miss?

Chris Low: My sense is that he'll stay at South Carolina. He's got a lot invested there. It's home, and he's got a good thing going there. Now, if he's determined to be a head coach, he may take a shot at the Southern Miss gig.

Jim in Memphis: Any more rumblings about Dan Mullen going to Happy Valley?

Chris Low: It's sort of died down, and I think what happened is that Mullen didn't want to go through the interview process and instead just negotiate.

Mike in Baton Rouge, La.: Chris, What is your take on the 2012 version of the LSU Tigers? Even better next year?

Chris Low: Well, 13 of the Tigers' top 22 on defense are sophomores or younger. And with Mettenberger stepping in at quarterback next season, I don't know if LSU will be better, but I'd say the Tigers will start the season ranked in the top 3.

Morgan in Atlanta: How will Isaiah Crowell do next year with the five star RB playing behind him?

Chris Low: Who knows? Maybe competition will be the best thing for Crowell, and it could be that Marshall comes in and takes Crowell's job. We'll find out what Crowell is made of over this next offseason. He has a chance to be a great player if he'll commit to doing so. Sometimes, it just takes players a little extra time to mature.

Will in Knoxville, Tenn.: Do you think if UT finds a solid running back and can stay healthy that it can possibly win the East?

Chris Low: The Vols definitely need to find a running back (and a running game). While I think they will be better next season and more experienced, I still have a hard time seeing them going from 5-7 and losing to Kentucky to winning the East. A realistic goal next season is getting to eight wins.

Adam in Joplin, Mo.: Chris, huge Mizzou fan here...Help me out...What is the best gameday experience in the SEC East? I'm talking food, excitement, game atmosphere, nightlife, etc...Unfamiliar at this point and need to know what to expect on the road next season!!

Chris Low: I would probably go with Georgia and Tennessee right there at the top. Athens, Ga., is a great town to hang out in before and after the game, and there's a lot of good tailgating. The setting at Tennessee is what's so neat with Neyland Stadium sitting on the banks of the Tennessee River and the Vol Navy rolling in. I also think South Carolina's atmosphere is one of the more underrated game-day experiences. Lots of great tailgating, and Columbia is a bigger city. When the Gators are good, the Swamp is the rowdiest place in the East. It's just so hot that first month of the season, but definitely a sight to see when it's full and rocking.

Jim in Miami: Do you think that the Gators are better off without Charlie Weis?

Chris Low: I'll put it this way: I think Charlie is happier running his own ship, and I don't think Will Muschamp fought feverishly to keep Weis in Gainesville.