GatorNation: Fractured Florida

GatorNation's Michael DiRocco writes about how Florida continues to talk about improving the chemistry within the team:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida defensive coordinator Dan Quinn knew the Gators' locker room wouldn't be the same as an NFL locker room, because the roster is twice as big -- too many people for the same kind of togetherness seen in the NFL.

But he wasn't expecting so much division. The amount of selfishness and separation between different classes was startling.

"It seemed like we had a fractured bunch at times, for whatever reason," said Quinn, who had spent the past 10 years as an assistant coach with four NFL teams. "Not a close-knit team."

It was the same issue the Gators faced in 2010. The problem was the highly-decorated freshman class arrived on campus with a sense of entitlement and self-importance. They clashed with the older players, and the rift lasted all season.

There was still some of that at the beginning of this season, but it was compounded by the transition to a new coaching staff and learning new offensive and defensive schemes. The players say that doesn't exist any longer, that the team is much more together now, despite a winless October and a 6-6 record.

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