Poll: Who's the SEC's best BCS champ?

If LSU beats Alabama on Monday night in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game, the great debate will begin?

Does LSU go down as the greatest SEC national champion of all-time? Where would the Tigers rank among the greatest national champions -- period?

The Tigers (13-0) have already beaten eight nationally ranked teams, including three top 5 teams. Alabama would be a fourth top 5 conquest.

Granted, LSU is not without its warts, most notably the Tigers' shaky passing game. Against Georgia in the SEC championship game, the Tigers didn't make a first down.

Of course, they make up for it with a bruising running game and a defense that's one of the best in the country.

So where would this team rank among the greatest in SEC history if it pulls off the sweep of Alabama? We'll let you answer that question in our SportsNation poll, but we're limiting it right now to the BCS era.

The SEC has won five straight national championships and about to win its sixth.

Here's your chance to pick the best SEC team to win a BCS national championship. We'll unveil the results later this week.