Trent Richardson hungry for rematch

NEW ORLEANS -- It wasn't a game face, but a game scowl. Trent Richardson looked like he wanted to play LSU right now. Even his dreadlocks looked angry.

"Most definitely," said the Alabama All-American running back. "I'm waiting for it."

It was Thursday when Richardson said this. Just think what kind of mood he'll be in by Monday evening, when No. 1 LSU plays No. 2 Alabama in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game.

The Nov. 5 meeting between these teams was called "The Game of the Century." It wasn't. It had drama. It had overtime. But mostly it had a lot of punts and missed field goals. C-SPAN was more fun to watch.

Bama lost in overtime, 9-6, and afterward there was the usual finger-pointing by some Crimson Tide followers. Some of the fingers were aimed in the direction of Richardson, who did everything but pour the Gatorade into cups that day at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Richardson accounted for 169 yards of Bama's 295 total offensive yards. He rushed for 89 yards and added another 80 yards in receptions.

"I played my heart out," Richardson said. "I did what I can do and what I can give you."

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