Saints named honorary captains

NEW ORLEANS -- Three current New Orleans Saints will be representing their college teams as the honorary captains for tonight's Allstate BCS National Championship.

Former Alabama safety Roman Harper and running back Mark Ingram will be joined by LSU wide receiver Devery Henderson.

It's only fitting that Henderson would be outnumbered by Tide players, as the inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome looks to be split about 60-40 in favor of LSU fans. However, these Alabama fans are bringing it. They killed me when I was trying to get work done because they were so loud.

I think they've been louder than the Tigers faithful so far, but let's see what happens when Alabama has the ball.

Ingram and Harper won't be alone on Alabama's sideline. Javier Arenas and Marcell Dareus have also been spotted roaming the field.

If you came to see those silly PlayStation offenses and lowly Big 12/Pac-12 defenses, you've come to the wrong place. Two semi trucks are about to smash right into each other.

This one's gonna be great!