Chris' weekly chat wrap

Hitting the high notes from my chat earlier today. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, even the haters:

Chris in Latham, N.Y., writes: Which College Football Players that Played in the BCS National Championship Game on January 9 at New Orleans will be selected in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Chris Low: Most of them. How's that for a quick answer? For Alabama, I would say Richardson, Maze, Vlachos, Chapman, Hightower, Upshaw, Kirkpatrick, Barron and Menzie. For LSU, I would say Blackwell, Claiborne, Brockers, Taylor, Baker and Randle (if he comes out). Might have missed a couple, but those are the main guys.

Mark in Indiana writes: How big of a drop-off do you see Alabama taking next year? IMO, I think it will be almost the same as the 2010 season. We can only hope Saban can keep the team from becoming complacent.

Chris Low: I don't expect a big drop-off at all. I would expect Alabama to start the season ranked in the top 5. If the Tide beat Michigan in that opener at Cowboys Stadium, it may well come down to Alabama-LSU once again. Of course, the game next season is in Baton Rouge. I think McCarron will take a big step at QB next season for the Tide. Eddie Lacy is ready to take over at RB, and Dee Hart should be a nice complement. The OL should be the strength of the team. Most of the secondary will be gone, as well as Hightower and Upshaw at LB, but Alabama has recruited very well and is always going to be a load on defense.

Gina in Atlanta writes: Which team has the best chance of taking the national championship away from the SEC?

Chris Low: Fight on, you USC Trojans.

Jeremy in New Orleans writes: What is your take on the debacle that happened in the Superdome on Monday Night? Miles and Co. on offense mailed it in way before the end of the game.

Chris Low: Yep, just an awful performance from the LSU offense with no adjustments, no imagination and stubbornness on Les Miles' part for not at least giving Jarrett Lee a shot. The Tigers just didn't look very well prepared on offense, which is hard to fathom when you have 35-plus days to get ready. A bad ending to a great season for the Tigers.

Bruce in Columbus, Ga., writes: Chris: You'll probably get this question 100 times in different formats. But given the way LSU played, it looked to me as if several teams could have beaten them on the night of the national championship game. Do you agree?

Chris Low: Yes, the way LSU played on offense Monday, I would have given a lot of teams a chance. That said, Alabama would have made a lot of teams look bad on offense Monday with how suffocating the Tide were on defense. It's a shame LSU didn't put up more of a fight on offense because I thought the defense hung in there pretty well.

Joe in San Antonio writes: I saw Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl last year. Do you think that the Bama defense would have had the speed to stay up with them?

Chris Low: Yes. I think Alabama has the speed to stay with anybody on defense. In my mind, that game would have been something like: Alabama 38, Oklahoma State 17.

Jordan in Birmingham, Ala., writes: What do you think about the old Ohio State Coach (John Cooper) blasting the SEC for being the most penalized league and saying Alabama, LSU should be investigated?

Chris Low: Sounds about like a coach who was 2-100 or whatever he was against the SEC. I love it how somebody who coached at Ohio State is pointing the finger at the SEC. What is that saying about people who live in glass houses?

Clay in Charlotte, N.C., writes: CLow, is there...umm...anything...to look forward to on UF next year?

Chris Low: Sure, a defense that was underrated this year because of all the struggles on offense that returns just about everybody and should be even better next year. That Texas A&M trip the second week looms large. The Gators need to win that. They also need to find an identity on offense under Pease, find an SEC running back that can pound and develop some playmakers. I think the team you see Muschamp put on the field next season will more closely resemble his personality -- tough, physical and blue-collar.