What are the 2012 odds?

It's never too early to start looking at the early college football favorites. We've already seen "way too early" rankings and potential breakout players, so why not check out some current odds when it comes to winning the national championship and Heisman Trophy?

Alabama was an early favorite to win it all last year and that worked out quite well, while Andrew Luck's Heisman run didn't exactly pan out.

Well, ESPN's Will Harris took the odds of a top British sports book and dissected the favorites, contenders and long shots for next season's national championship.

The SEC has three teams in the "favorites" category in LSU, Alabama and Georgia. LSU is No. 1 on the list with 4.5 to 1 odds, Alabama is second at 5 to 1, while Georgia is seventh at 12 to 1 odds.

Here's what Harris said about LSU and Alabama:


"LSU is the team most likely to disappoint here. The Tigers had a really special mojo last year despite having to overcome quite a bit in the offseason, but that chemistry finally wore out in the title game. At best, it will be very difficult to replicate those elite intangibles next season. At worst, the championship loss is the program's Gettysburg, and in five years LSU fans will look upon the Alabama rematch the way Fresno State fans regard the 2005 USC heartbreaker or Penn State fans think about the 1999 Minnesota debacle."


"Alabama could repeat, but the team possesses few of the advantages it enjoyed last year, when it was priced at 6 to 1. Last season featured the confluence of a once-in-a-generation defense, a favorable schedule, a special hunger born of community tragedy and a BCS system that produced a second chance to beat LSU. This is a less experienced team with a couple of tough early-season matchups away from home."

As for the "contenders," Arkansas came in first with 16 to 1 odds to win next year's BCS title game:

"At a little better price the Razorbacks would have our attention. Arkansas is a strong program with a top-10 coach. Bobby Petrino's regime will overtake LSU this year, and the man who went 41-9 at Louisville will eventually bring at least one SEC title to Fayetteville. This could certainly be the year, as the schedule is favorable, but a trio of new coordinators and a rebuilt receiving corps are reasons for caution."

Finally, Harris has his "long shots" and Florida tops his list at 33 to 1 odds. South Carolina wasn't listed, but Harris points out that the Gamecocks also sit at 33 to 1 odds to win it all in 2012:

"The trials of rookie Florida boss Will Muschamp were painful to watch at times last year. This program is not healing on his watch, and the current gap between Georgia/South Carolina and the rest of next year's SEC East is significant. The fact the Gators and Gamecocks are both opening at 33 to 1 could mean that Florida is overvalued again this season."

Then there's the matter of the Heisman Trophy. Odds maker Danny Sheridan took a stab at it and has four SEC players on his list. Topping the list of SEC players is Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, who Sheridan gave 12 to 1 odds of winning college football's most coveted trophy.

The other three are:

His list makes sense, but I bet he'd have Lattimore higher if he hadn't have been injured last season. Who knows how Lattimore's season would have ended if he hadn't gotten hurt? Maybe, he tops the odds list ...

Wilson isn't a player to be overlooked, either. He might not have those three veteran receivers at his disposal anymore, but Arkansas' passing game shouldn't take much of a dip. First, the talent pool at wide receiver didn't exactly drain after the 2011 season and having Knile Davis back should help open up the passing game. Wilson led the SEC in passing last year, but it wouldn't come as much of a shock if he strolled past his 2011 numbers, especially in the touchdown department.