The SEC's guide to Texas A&M's home turf

We're heading to Texas.

I'm not sure how many of you have been to Texas, but now that the Aggies are part of the SEC, you'll all have the chance to take that trip to the Lone Star State.

Thursday, we checked out what to do while in Columbia, Mo., for a Missouri football game, so now it's time to see what to do in College Station, Texas, for a Texas A&M game:

Zack O. in Bryan, Texas, wrote: Do not miss Midnight Yell Practice! It is a wonderful tradition, and although your team will be the punchline to the jokes, it's all in good fun. When looking for somewhere to satisfy your hunger, head in to Bryan. There are plenty of places to eat in the beautiful downtown area, but if you're more adventurous and want to get off the beaten path you will find a plethora of taquerias that will make you some of the best tacos you'll ever find.

My take: I've heard so much about this and I can't wait to experience it for the first time. All I ask is that my name is chanted during. That's not asking too much, is it?

Rick in J-ville, N.C., wrote: The places I remember needing to go to, and my favorites was the Dixie Chicken for lunch and a little dominoes. They also have a good selection of beers. Not a bad place to go after the game either to either celebrate or drown the sorrows. My other favorite place was Wings & More. I always loved their wings, and they had some pretty other good food too. It has been a while since I have been to CS, so there may have been changes. If it is still there, Free Birds was a pretty good place for monster burritos. From what I remember, it was very similar to what Chipotle has.

My take: Monster burrito??!! Sign me up!

Kyle in College Station, Texas, wrote: Definitely got to go to Laynes Chicken Fingers. Don't waste your time at Canes. Hullabaloos out towards Wellborne is delicious as well (featured on the Food Network). Gotta go to the Dixie Chicken, it's more of us a must really. Pitcher beer and dominoes always make it fun. C&J barbecue isn't too shabby either.

Ricky in Phoenix, Ariz., wrote: You have to go to Koppe Bridge in College Station for the best burger and fries in town. They of course have Shiner Bock on tap, and some other domestics/water. North Gate is where most of the bars are in College Station. I suggest O'Bannons for the craft beer lover. No trip to CS is complete without a trip to the Dixie Chicken either, which is also on North Gate. New Republic is a new brewery in town that is making some good beer, and worth checking out. Or just get a pint at one of the local watering holes. Freebirds for a burrito, Shipley's Donuts for the best Donuts in the state, and I think period. Especially the chocolate filled donut. Potato Shack has about 30 different types of baked potatoes as well.

Michael Bell in Frisco,Texas, wrote: Where to go in College Station: Everyone will tell you the Dixie Chicken is best place to go for a burger and pitcher of beer, and they're right. Best known bar in town. Just don't be afraid to wear your school colors in there (unless it is burnt orange), someone will likely buy you a round. On the way out don't forget to take a stroll through bottle cap alley. Take Wellborn Rd a few miles south out of town and you'll see Hullaballoo Diner on the left. It was featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" with Guy Fieri. Best pancakes. Also, if you're in search of a cholesterol fix try Layne's Chicken Fingers. Not to be confused with Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers next door. Try the chicken finger sandwich, and be sure to ask for the coleslaw. Sunday morning after the game head just north for some breakfast tacos at Los Nortenos in downtown Bryan, Tx. Only order one though. Trust me: they're huge. Other Notables: The orginal Freebird's World Burrito in Northgate, La Bodega for Mexican seafood (I once held the door open for Mr. and Mrs. George H W Bush as they were walking in), Fitzwilly's for a Dixie Chickenesque experience without the crowd, and O'Bannon's pub for a pint.

My take: I'm a huge coleslaw fan, so you won't have to worry about that!

Andrew in College Station, Texas, wrote: I've been in College Station for seven years so I'll break it down by category. Burgers: Koppe Bridge*, Burger Boy*. Fine Dinning: Madden's*, Christopher's Wold Grille*. Pizza: Antonio's* (On Northgate), Double Dave's*. Italian: Fritellas*, Olive Garden. Mexican: Casa Rodriguez*, Los Molcajetes*, Ninfa's. On the Border Food Truck: Madden's*, Chef Tai*. BBQ: Martin's*, J Cody's*, Rudy's. Northgate: Freebirds*, Fitzwilly's*, Potato Shack, Potbelly, Pita Pit. Wings: Wings 'n More, Buffalo Wild Wings. Steak: Sodolak's Beefmasters* (NOT Sodolak's on University). Cajun: Crazy Cajun* (Don't get the Pecan Pie though). Sandwich: Blue Baker*, McAlister's, Newk's. Chicken: Layne's*, Cane's, Chicken Express. *-indicates started in College Station

Chris in Conroe, Texas wrote: You have to aim for the Hammer 3.0 at Burger Boy in Northgate or the Trash Can Lid Nachos at Zapato's. Wash it down with beer and dominoes at The Dixie Chicken and if you are feeling brave, you can try the Release Form Wings at Harvey Washbangers.

Chuck in College Station, Texas, wrote: I'll skip over the Dixie Chicken; you've probably already gotten a hundred people telling you to go there. I'll get you out of North Gate and into the greater BCS area (Bryan-College Station). If you're looking for a burger or a chicken-fried steak done just right, head over to Koppe Bridge (pronounced like 'copy') on Welbourne Rd. For BBQ, I'm partial to C&J's BBQ (the one on S. Texas Ave in Bryan is the best for my money). If you're looking for food that's a little more haute couture, but won't break the bank, go into downtown Bryan. There are two fantastic restaurants there. For Italian food with a twist, you can't beat Cafe Capri on Main Street. Just up the block from Capri, you'll find the most authentic German food and beer this side of the Atlantic: the Brauhaus. Owned and operated by German immigrants, the food here is absolutely fantastic. Obviously I can't write about food in Texas without directing you to some quality Tex-Mex. While in downtown Bryan, head over to Casa Rodriguez on 24th St. For a slightly different take on Tex-Mex, head over to Chuy's in the mall complex in College Station. This is just a start. There's no excuse for failing to find good food in the BCS area!

Robert in Katy, Texas, wrote: FIRST AND FOREMOST, as any good Aggie will tell you, the best place to eat in town is Layne's Chicken Fingers. Aggie owned and operated since 1994, Layne's has been filling the stomachs -- and hearts -- of Aggie's everywhere. Much like the popular food chain Raising Canes, Layne's is best known for their chicken fingers and sauce. Heated debates have flourished ever since Cane's moved in next door (literally 2 buildings down). However, no matter what your taste buds might say, Layne's is the clear cut choice of any Aggie. If chicken fingers doesn't suit you, try stopping by Northgate for a bite. You'd be hard pressed to find a better burger than the one you can get at the Dixie Chicken -- known for selling more beer per square foot than any other bar in the state of Texas. Also, while not originally founded in CS, Aggies take pride in two other NG food joints like they were their very own: Freebirds and Antonio's. Nothing like piling up a Super Monster burrito or slamming down two pieces of authentic New York-style pizza before a rowdy night out.

John in College Station, Texas, wrote: Tailgating at Spence Park. As one of the friendliest campuses in the nation we welcome everyone. Wear your school colors and be courteous and feel free to join in. After the game the only place to go is Northgate. The Dixie chicken a great place to hang out after the game and get some drinks. P.S. I'm sorry to all the sec fans but we do not have a waffle house. We are working on it.

Joe C. in Fort Worth, Texas, wrote: If you are in the mood for some BBQ, everyone will say Rudy's. I say skip that chain bbq crap and go to C&J's instead. Martin's on South College is also pretty good and REALLY cheap. I think it is $3.50 for a chopped beef sandwich, fries and a drink. Just don't be in a hurry when you go there, the old ladies in there take forever. Now for the all important late night snack, one of the best places has to be Fuego Tortilla Grill (open 24hrs). Pretty much anything on the menu is delicious. Also, for y'all in the SEC that do not have Whataburger, I would highly recommend something off of their All-Time Favorites Menu, or the #9 or #10 breakfast combo (breakfast is served from 11 PM-11AM). I definitely didn't cover everything, but I am sure some of my fellow Aggies will give some more recommendations.