Knile Davis gets back on the practice field

Wednesday marked Arkansas' return to the football practice field for the first time since its preparation for the AT&T Cotton Bowl, but it was also the return of running back Knile Davis.

After a breakout 2010 season, Davis missed all of last season because of an ankle injury he suffered during fall camp.

But Davis was back out on the field and told members of the media Wednesday that he was glad to be going through the everyday practice motions.

“I felt really good,” Davis said. “I felt fast and it was nice to be out there. I’ve been thinking about this all week and last week. I just wanted to be out here and I’m feeling good.”

There still hasn't been a decision made about whether Davis will take contact this spring, and there really shouldn't be any rush. Davis has said that he feels like he's 100 percent and could withstand hits, but there's no reason for Arkansas to risk it at this point in the year. He'll obviously need to be prepared to go through it this fall, but for now, it's better safe than sorry for Arkansas.

The Razorbacks also went through testing during the days leading up to spring practice, and the school released numbers for the 40-yard dash, bench press and squats.

Note: These squat numbers are pretty impressive. You probably shouldn't try these at home unless you are a college football player or were exposed to the same venom Peter Parker had injected into his body when that radioactive spider bit him.

Davis didn't seem to have much of an issue getting his wheels back, as he led the Hogs with a 40 time of 4.33. That's pretty fast in general, but it's even faster when you think about the injury he suffered last year. Also, you'll notice that kicker Cameron Bryan ran a time of 4.4. Yes, a kicker.

Davis benched 415 pounds, and was third on the team after squatting 570 pounds. That's like 3 1/2 of me! Pretty impressive for someone who couldn't play because one of his ankles was bad. Talk about healing well.

Here are the top-10 marks for those three categories:

40-yard dash

1. Knile Davis, RB -- 4.33

2. Maudrecus Humphrey, WR -- 4.34

3. Marquel Wade, WR -- 4.35

4. Darius Winston, CB -- 4.36

5. Cobi Hamilton, WR -- 4.37

6. Ronnie Wingo Jr., RB -- 4.38

7. Chris Smith, DE -- 4.40

T7. Cameron Bryan, K -- 4.40

T9. Dennis Johnson, RB -- 4.41

T9. Eric Bennett, S -- 4.41

Bench press

1. Alfred Davis, DT -- 460

2. Lavunce Askew, DT -- 445

3. Alvin Bailey, OG -- 440

4. Byran Jones, DT -- 420

5. Knile Davis, RB -- 415

6. Tyler Deacon, OG -- 410

T7. Kiero Small, FB -- 405

T7. Chris Stringer, OT -- 405

T7. Brad Shearin, FB -- 405

10. Trey Flowers, DE -- 400


T1. Byran Jones, DT -- 600

T1. Robert Thomas, DT -- 600

3. Knile Davis, RB -- 570

4. Dennis Johnson, RB -- 560

5. Alvin Bailey, OG -- 555

6. DeMarcus Hodge, DT -- 550

T7. Austin Flynn, DE -- 510

T7. Jerry Mitchell, S -- 510

T9. Kiero Small, FB -- 500

T9. Chris Smith, DE -- 500