Bruce Ellington headed back to football?

Upon further review, South Carolina's Bruce Ellington may not be giving up on football.

After Ellington, who played wide receiver and point guard at South Carolina last year, announced last Monday that he was done with football and would concentrate solely on basketball, reports surfaced that Ellington could be rethinking that decision.

Ellington's high school coach, Jerry Brown, told the Charleston Post and Courier that Ellington spoke with South Carolina wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr. Saturday and will "definitely give football another shot." Brown also said that he didn't speak directly to Ellington, but talked with Tony Cox, who is an assistant coach at Ellington's old high school and keeps in touch with Ellington.

"They're going to list him on the roster," Brown said. "He'll be participating in spring, as far as I know. He's pretty much committed to football now, as far as the whole (2012) season. Whether or not he's going to play basketball, I don't know if he's sure about that yet. That's what I understood (from talking to Cox)."

The firing of South Carolina basketball coach Darrin Horn might have affected Ellington's decision, Brown said. Horn was fired the day after Ellington announced his decision to stay with basketball.

Getting Ellington back in South Carolina's lineup would certainly benefit the Gamecocks' passing game because while there is depth at receiver, it's very unproven. Ellington did more for the Gamecocks in the return game, but he knows the offense and he would surely make improvements to his game with more work during the offseason.

Ellington has done more on the basketball court during his two years at South Carolina, but with more time to work on football he could certainly make more of an impact on offense as both a receiver and a wildcat quarterback. His high school coach even hinted that Ellington might be feeling his future is in football, not basketball.

Maybe the real question Ellington is trying to answer now is whether he'd be willing to give up basketball and focus on football. Playing two sports is hard enough, but trying to play both football and basketball in a BCS conference is even tougher. There's no question Ellington is a tremendous athlete, but sticking to one sport, regardless of what it is, might be in his best interest.