Tigers fans: Introduce us to Auburn

We're done with the Crimson Tide, but we aren't out of the state of Alabama, as we turn our attention to Auburn in our "Home Turf" series.

Auburn is another SEC city I saw for the first time last fall. I wasn't in town for long, so there are a lot of spots I missed. I'm sure the Auburn faithful can fill us all in on the hot spots around town.

I will say that I was fortunate enough to see the oaks at Toomer's Corner before a lot of the color was lost. There was a little toilet paper stuck in the branches, so I got a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of the experience.

So, let's hear it, Auburn fans. Send us your dinner suggestions, sightseeing spots, traditions and anything else you think we should check out when we're in town to the mailbag.

The Arkansas fans came out in full force, so you have a lot to live up to, Auburn fans. Make us excited to visit your city.

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