The SEC guide to Auburn's home turf

We head to Auburn, Ala., in the next installment of our "Home Turf" series.

Here are the other SEC sites we've hit so far:

Auburn is a fun place to be and the fans make sure you have a good time, no matter what colors you're wearing while you're in town. Let's see what the Auburn faithful had to say about spots we need to hit when we're around:

Tiger H in Auburn, Ala., writes: The best steaks in town is at Good Ol' Boys. Head down US-29 South, past the Briggs and Stratton Plant. Turn left on Sandhill Road (County Road 10, just before a gas station) and head down about a half mile, and it will be on the right.This out of the way place serves up the best steaks at a great price. They also have some of the best catfish (grilled or fried) I have ever had. It's a great place away from campus, and it won't bust your wallet either. Unless your a big eater, you'll be taking a doggie bag back to munch on later. A must for anyone, but especially for visitors to the loveliest village on the plains.

My thoughts: I love it when someone provides me directions like these. GPS can be so unreliable at times, so I thank you for that.

Bill in Suwanee, Ga., writes: Response for "Home Turf" for Auburn. One have to visit is Niffers. They have the best corn nuggets in the world. Also, If you're into the bar scene, the corner of College St. and Magnolia gets pretty hoppin on game weekends. Of course you HAVE to get some lemonade from Toomers Corner. It's an Auburn staple.

Benjamin in Columbus, Ga., writes: Auburn Game day in Auburn. Wake up early, grab a coffee and head out early to check out the best tailgates in the morning. I PROMISE you will see and meet some the best fans in the south. Don't bring a cooler or food. Plenty of folks will be glad to take you in and show you around. The amphitheater area is epic. The Tiger Walk is the original "players walk to the stadium " that others have tried to copy. Get into the stadium early and watch the eagle fly. War Eagle

Jordan in Auburn writes: If you ever want to spot Charles Barkley holding court after a big game, head to Hamilton's downtown. Best bistro around. New bar in parking lot behind Mellow Mushroom is the Blood Hound and is fantastic. If you want to get away from the crowds head to the local watering hole the "Cigar Bar" or "Maestro's" Bar in Moores Mill. Auburn Pulse is the new app that tells you where the music is, where the drink specials are on game weekends. Oh, and it doesn't get more late night Auburn than at the War Eagle supper club. It doesn't close till the sun comes up, has live music, a bus bar out back, and the Supper Club van will take ya on home......

My thoughts: I have yet to see Sir Charles here in Atlanta, so I'll be sure to check that out next time I'm in town for a game.

Steven in Auburn writes: When in town you have to walk around downtown South College and visit Toomer's Corner, not only to see the infamous oaks but also pay a visit to Toomer's Drugs on the corner. They have the worlds best lemonade there. Rumor has it Abe Lincoln even drank it once. Samford Hall, probably the most iconic building on the Auburn campus is only a one or two minute walk from Toomer's Corner and you can't beat the sight of the blue sky overhead on a nice fall day with tailgaters abound. For nightlife, Supper Club has always been a popular choice as well as Skybar and Quixotes. Food options, Niffers is a fantastic local place. Just about any of the barbeque places are great although I prefer Byrons. Awesome pork there! Pannie-Georges right off I-85 has some of the best soul food you'll find anywhere. There's nothing like an Auburn game day experience anywhere. Anybody that's ever been knows what I'm talking about. I've had friends from other SEC schools come and tell me how much better our game day is.

My thoughts: That's mighty big talk around these parts ...

Mike in Portsmouth, Va., writes: When you come to Auburn on a sunny, 85 degree saturday afternoon you have to go to Toomers Drug Store and pick up a glass of fresh lemonade. After the game head out to The Auburn Supper Club for great music and a great time.

Robert in Columbus, Ga., writes: There are so many hot spots in Auburn on game day. If I was forced to choose one I would have to pick Cheeburger Cheeburger located at the end of Toomer's Corner. Cheeburger Cheeburger is a throwback restaurant that will remind you of the 1950's and 1960's the minute you step foot in the door. You can not leave until you have had a delicious cheese burger and a homemade milkshake. But make sure to get there early because seating is limited and it gets packed quickly before and after games. Plus you are just a few feet from the world famous Toomer Oak Trees. WAR EAGLE!

John writes: For the best Alabama-style BBQ head down the road to Chuck's in Opelika. My family goes there before every Auburn game we attend. I even had it shipped down for our wedding shower. As for a tradition, you just can't beat the War Eagle flight right before kickoff with 87,451 screaming Tiger fans ready to erupt. I've had non-SEC fans tell me it sends chills down their spines.

My thoughts: I was there when "Spirit" flew in to the window of one of the luxury boxes and didn't even miss a beat. That bird was tougher than some football players I've met. Also, any BBQ that is shipped in for a wedding has to be good, and I'm pretty picky about my BBQ.

Makenzie in Dallas, Ga., writes: Introduced to Auburn. Places to eat: Momma Goldbergs, Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, Toomer's Drug Store (best lemonade around), Toomer's Corner, Tiger Walk, football complex, the Quads, campus, college street, magnolia street, J&M Bookstore

Ronald in Auburn writes: Where to eat while in Auburn? First of all, everyone who lives in Auburn considers Opelika the east side of town. Eating in Opelika is not seen as going out of town to most of us. That said, some of the best places for an adult (not necessarily a college student) to go are in Opelika. While in the area, I recommend: The Irish Bred Pub. Be sure to get some of their MAYTAG CHIPS (homemade potato chips covered in blue cheese and bacon) as an appetizer. The Shepherd's pie is good, but I love the PAN FRIED CHICKEN WITH VODKA SAUCE. After dinner, walk half a block to the Eighth & Rail for desert. Cafe 123 is good. It is right around the corner from the first two places. I like the steak. Actually in AUBURN: Hamilton's is good. So is Amsterdam Cafe. If you like Cajun food, try the Creole.

Scott in Auburn writes: I guess the easiest thing to do in Auburn is walk you through which places have the best of each. A really good place to get breakfast in Auburn is Crepe Myrtle Cafe. I'm not really a breakfast fan, but this place is extremely good. Especially the dessert crepes. It is somewhat difficult to justify this large of a lunch, but Niffers in Auburn is a terrific lunch. So many different burger choices, and the home-made chips with Mexacana sauce is also delicious. Mamma Goldberg's is the lunch spot probably most known when it comes to Auburn. The sandwiches are pretty good, the nachos are delicious, and it is hard to go wrong with their cheap pitchers. For dinner I would recommend Creole Shack in terms of an ordinary dinner. It is extremely good. Just make sure you find out the correct address. If you are in Auburn and would like to try some fine dining, check out Warehouse Bistro. Yes...it is a restaurant inside of a warehouse. But it is one of (if not the) top restaurant in the state. There is not much to do in Auburn outside of the university during the day. Thankfully, there is always a sporting event going on. Night life in Auburn is pretty much ruled by one bar - Sky Bar - it has both the country/laid back/fraternity scene in the front, and the rap/dancing atmosphere in back.