The SEC guide to Georgia's home turf

We're taking a look at the Georgia Bulldogs' home turf in Athens today.

Here's a look at the other SEC cities we've hit so far:

Athens really is a gem in SEC country. There's always a lot to do in town, no matter your scene. Plus the music that comes out of this town is pretty catchy. Georgia's faithful came out out of the woodwork for this one. We were overwhelmed with responses, so we're sorry if we missed you:

Philip in Athens writes: Where to begin? Every place here is distinct and fun. I think one of the best things about Athens is all the great places to get breakfast or brunch. Ike and Jane has great coffee and some of the best doughnuts you can imagine. The Grit is a great spot and vegetarian. You might even catch a glimpse of Michael Stipe there. Mama's Boy is my personal favorite with great biscuits, grits, bacon, etc and the kind of laid-back, Southern atmosphere that is the best of Athens. The best thing to do in Athens is just ask locals where they eat. Everyone here loves recommending their places because it's a great chance to brag on our beloved town.

Oscar G in Athens writes: If you're visiting Athens, you definitely have to eat at Transmet (transmetropolitan) and Little Italy. The pizza is delicious and very cheap! Taqueria Del Sol offers a great twist to tacos. Graze serves exotic burgers, like bison, duck, alligator, etc. Hitting the bars on the weekends, starting on Thursday, is very popular. Personally, I like going to Sand Bar, Bourbon, Boars Head, and Whiskey Bent. If you want to see a show the Georgia Theatre is the place to go. They always have great concerts.

Josh in Douglasville, Ga., writes: Without a doubt, one of the greatest things to do in Athens is going to The Varsity after the game. Some of the greasiest but best burgers you'll ever eat. The place is always packed after a game, with standing room only. The Frosted Orange at that place is absolutely unbeatable. Not to mention the signature phrase, "What'll ya have?". Athens is the perfect place to see tailgating done right. There isn't any ground not occupied by Dawg fans who know how to throw down before a game. Right before the game enjoy the Dawg Walk, a tradition in Athens that has existed since the Dooley days. But don't be late getting into the stadium, you'll be later to hear the trumpet blast that will send chills down your spine right before the game begins. Athens is where football tradition is done right.

Ryan in Dallas writes: As a proud graduate of The University of Georgia, I could go on for days about what makes Athens such a truly amazing town. However, I'll stick with one of the key aspects: The food. The definition of the Athens food scene is, again, diverse: ranging from fantastic Thai to specialty cupcakes to some great slices of pizza. However, REM didn't title one of their albums "Automatic for the People" for nothing. The trademark slogan of soul and southern food mecca Weaver D's is recognizable all over the South. That's what stands out to me about Athens, the comfort food is second to none. Along with Weaver D's, there's stuff-your-face-staples such as Mama's Boy, 5 Star Day Cafe and others. Personal favorite: Cali n Titos Cuban food. BYOB and massive amounts of Cuban cuisine for cheap. What's better to a college student...or anyone for that matter?I could literally go on for days about how incredible Athens is and what makes it so special. There's no one thing particular, it's how it all works together. Athens is Five Points. It's Normaltown. It's Sanford on a Saturday. It's The Arch. It's Downtown and its 60+ bars. It's all of those and so much more...It's the Classic City. GO DAWGS

Garrison in Ft. Hood, Texas writes: First things first, Welcome to the GREATEST college town in America!! When you get to Athens, the first thing that you'll notice are the beautiful co-eds! Athens is a very active city and there isn't much time to stare. (You'll see them all in their Sunday best on Saturday) So I would recommend that you head "Down Town" to the explore the night life of Athens. You can't go wrong with The Georgia Theater for some good music and beer. Next you can hop on over to Nowhere Bar and play some pool with your buddies. You'll find out when you get here the the bars are pretty much endless in this town... Boars Head is a great one as well as Generals! If you're under 18 I would say stay away from Bourbon Street (The Freshman Bar). You'll wake up with a headache so you need to go on down to Weaver D's for some excellent southern breakfast!! On game day, the tailgating starts around 8 so be ready to drink. North Campus is absolutely stunning and you should be able to grab some keg beer from all the Dawg faithful. Before the game, you'll need to head to DAWG WALK and watch the red and black clad beasts make there way to the stadium. (My rooster has good sense) You'll find out what that means when you get there. After that, It's off the game where 92,746 fans will make your ears ring!! (Did I mention the co-eds?) GO DAWGS and welcome to the SEC!!!

Dylan in Athens writes: You have to go ring the Chapel Bell. Walk by and take a picture by the Arch, but DO NOT walk under it. Only UGA Alumni get that privilege. Walk on the bridge on Sanford Drive right in front of the stadium. BEAUTIFUL sight of the stadium. Go enjoy a drink at Broad Street Bar and grab some pizza at Your Pie. It is THE best. Walk up and down Milledge Avenue (Greek Row). Some of the nicest Greek houses you'll see in the country (especially the KD house, it is HUGE). If you like tennis, hit up the Dan Magill Tennis Complex for Bulldog match and explore the NCAA Tennis Hall of Fame! The Butts-Mehre building is also extremely nice. It's impossible to have a bad time in Athens. Have fun!

Matt writes: There is no lack of choice when it comes to great food in Athens, from the quick & cheap, to the full-service, five-star dining options, you can't turn your head without finding a delicious place to eat.

For soul food, Weaver D's and 5 Star Day Cafe can't be beat. Weaver D's is often featured whenever Todd Blackledge makes his way to Athens, and for good reason, but 5 Star Day is equally good, and more centrally located downtown on Broad St, while Weaver D's is a medium walk down E. Broad. You can't go wrong with homemade cornbread, fried chicken, and mac & cheese!

For a quick, cheap bite, Little Italy and The Taco Stand cannot be beat. Little Italy is as authentic a slice of New York-syle pizza as you'll find anywhere, run by transplants from up North. Grab a heaping slice of freshly-sliced meatball pizza and a Mountain Dew for less than $5, or get a humongous hot or cold sub for not much more. At the Taco Stand, it's Tex-Mex done fast, but done good! Little Italy is just off Broad St, on Lumpkin, and The Taco Stand is on Broad.

More traditional fair can be had at Copper Creek or Porterhouse. Copper Creek is a microbrewery in town with fantastic seasonal beers and a great American-style menu. If beer & burgers is your poison, it's not to be missed. Porterhouse is a fantastic steak house with a good wine selection and steaks that will never be overcooked!

If sushi is more your style, Shokitini is an option your belly and wallet will enjoy. The maki & nigiri are expertly prepared and delicious. For a more rarified air, there is Utage, and while it is a little more pricy, it is worth it. And don't forget the red bean ice cream before you go. Trust me, you won't be sorry!

My thoughts: You should have seen how much I had to cut from this one it was so long ...

Joe in Atlanta writes: Athens has it's share of your typical college town food, but what a lot of people don't realize is that Athens is an up and coming culinary hot spot as well. From The National to Five and Ten to Farm 255, fine dining is alive and well in Athens and worth a visit the night before a game day when you need to put down a base layer for the next day.

James in McDonough, Ga., writes: If anyone goes to Athens, they have to hit up Trappeze Pub on Washington St. This place has the perfect atmosphere for friends hanging out, a nice evening, and getting some good drinks. It's split between two separate areas with access to a third called Highwire, where they offer live music at least every Friday. The drinks are all top notch with hundreds of beers from around the world and the best cocktails money can buy. And most importantly, I don't think there's a place that can beat their pork sandwich, called the Double Pig. Get it with the Sweet potato fries and enjoy. This is not your average bar/pub.

Andy in Cumming, Ga., writes: I spent four of the best years of my life in Athens, GA from 1998-2002. It's pretty hard for me to shorten the things you should do while in Athens, but I'll try my best. Wanna eat great? 5 Star Day Cafe is a must for great, fairly priced food. Wanna exercise? A run through downtown, North campus, and all over the other parts of campus will give you some of the best scenery (natural & otherwise) of any place on earth. Visiting during the spring? Go watch the Diamond Dawgs play for free from Kudzu Hill above the right field home run fence. Take a stroll down Milledge for the Greek scene. Check out Ramsey. Go play at the intramural fields. Party at some of the greatest apartment pool scenes around. GO BAR HOPPING DOWNTOWN and sample some GREAT, CHEAP beer!I could go on and on and on...

Taylor in Athens writes: Start off your day with either breakfast at Mama's Boy or The Mayflower downtown. Then make your way over to the Terrapin brewing factory for a few different types of beverages. After that, venture downtown to the various shops, restaurants, and bars with great deals and specials. For dinner, Last Resort is the classiest, but The Globe or East/West Bistro will do the trick just fine. Lastly, go to a show at the Georgia Theatre, one of the best venues I've ever been to and their rooftop bar serves BBQ sandwiches that are scrumptious. Just a typical Saturday in the spring here in Athens and I'd rather be no place else.