The SEC guide to Kentucky's home turf

We're in the Bluegrass State to check out the Kentucky Wildcats' home of Lexington.

Here are past "Home turf" spots:

Lexington is no doubt still hopping after the Wildcats brought home yet another national title in basketball Monday. I've never ventured up to Lexington, but after reading what Big Blue Nation wrote about places to see and where to eat, I'm itching to take a look for myself:

Justin in Boulder, Co., writes: As a 2010 UK grad with 20 years of season ticket experience, this is THE Lexington weekend. October in the bluegrass is beautiful. Show up on Friday night and hit up Tolly Ho. It recently moved from next to campus, but is still the late night hangout. Amazing burgers, the best shakes in town, and the cheddar tots are heaven. Get up Saturday morning and head to Keeneland for some fall horse races before heading to a night game at underrated (Imo) Commonwealth stadium and tailgate if possible. UK fans are generally very hospitable and treat everyone like family, basketball might be king but the football diehards stack up against any in the sec. If you can make the Catwalk, it gets better each year. While in town, grab some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (if you're of age of course) for the Bluegeass trifecta. If you can get tickets the weekend of Big Blue Madness, then definitely go because there is nothing like it in sports. If you want to kick back, Pazzos is more restaurant than bar but has an amazing beer selection and very good pizza. Wrap up the weekend with a stop on the Bourbon trail for a tour. Guaranteed great weekend.

My thoughts: Mmmmmmmm cheese tots ...

CVanLeer in Atlanta writes: Good morning fellas! Just wanted to take a moment the day after Kentucky's win to brag to my fellow southerners about the best conference in the land. Since the turn of the century, our SEC has 3 National Basketbal Titles (2nd only the ACC's 5), 4 College World Series titles (2 more than the next closest conference), and last, but certainly not least, 6 BCS titles (in a row). Not to mention the best weather, scenery, women, and friendliest fans. The more unlucky souls I meet from other parts of the country who have made the move to the promised land, the more I'm certain I'll never move away. One girl I know said it best, "I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as fast as I could." SEC! SEC! SEC!

My thoughts: Not exactly recommendations on what to do in Lexington, but I applaud the bragging.

UKBookstore in Lexington writes: Food: Pazzo's on South Limestone is good for 30-plus beers on tap and some pretty quality pizza/pub food. Must try Wallace Station - if you don't I will be disappointed. It was on Food Network with Guy Fieri Diners and Dives! It is fantastic! Breakfast: Stop at Spaldings for a Donut; It's a Lexington tradition and once they run out for the day they are closed so get there early. Other Kentucky specialist cuisine includes: Winchells on Southland Ave, or multiple Ramsey's locations (use the Google). Cheddars is additionally a local restaurant that serves quality food at a low-moderate price. What to do: April and October Keeneland of course; if you come during April and don't go you're letting yourself down. If you're into history the Henry Clay Estate tour is pretty neat. Also for whatever reason there are numerous antique shops around here that are good. Also just take a scenic drive, seriously it is beautiful horse country around here.

Ryan in Lexington writes: During the month of October Keeneland is the place to be. You go on a Friday afternoon and watch/bet on the horse races. Then on Saturday you tailgate and attend the football game. Keeneland is easily the one of the best traditions in Lexington.

Lacy in Lexington writes: Breakfast/Brunch: Josie's in Chevy Chase (MUST!) Lunch: Hugh Jass Burgers or Pazzo's Pizza (right off campus) Dinner: Malone's/Harry's on Tates Creek Bar: SkyBar downtown. To Do: Take a tour of the Joe Craft Center and Memorial Coliseum (the house that Rupp built). Take a tour of Keeneland which is across the street from the airport. I can take you on a tour of the JCC if y'all are interested! I am currently interning with women's basketball. (Head Coach Matthew Mitchell is my dad). Have a great time!

Rob in Ridgeland, Miss., writes: Mississippi State visiting fan here. Got to give a recommendation for Charlie Brown's Pub in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington. Great hole-in-the-wall pub with solid greasy food and appetizers. Be sure to try the Hot Pepper Cheese appetizer, it's great. Great place to hang out and watch the early games if your team is playing at Commonwealth or Rupp that night.

Meg in Nicholasville, Kent., writes: While in Lexington, go to Keeneland. The spring meet opens this Friday. I don't eat out much, but favorite spot is Three Suns Bistro, in a shopping center off Nicholasville Road right on the Fayette-Jessamine County line.

Gina in Lexington writes: A couple of awesome local places to eat in Lexington, KY: 1. Lynaugh's Pub (best burgers - burgers and beer cheese both made fresh in house) 2. Pazzo's (great pizza and HUGE beer selection) 3. Ramsey's (known for local southern food).

Mike in Lexington writes: The must-do lists when visiting Kentucky: Keeneland during the Spring and Autumn meets. When dining at a local establishment, you order Bourbon, not whiskey. Try visiting local wineries, Kentucky is known for having the first commercial vineyards in America. Eat a Hot Brown. Visit the Bourbon Trail, to see how Bourbon is made and even sample a taste.

Logan writes: Eat at Stellas on Jefferson for dinner. Eat at Doodles at 3rd/Limestone for breakfast. Roam the Pavillion downtown one night. Next night, the Tin Roof/Two Keys/Limestone strip area. Go to Keeneland. No exceptions. Track opens on Friday. Its not expensive.