Long, Hogs in no rush moving forward

It sounds like Arkansas is going to take its time in deciding where it goes from here, and that’s another good call by athletic director Jeff Long.

There’s no reason to rush at this point.

You’ve got a proven, veteran staff, one the players feel comfortable with, and they’ve all been pointing toward the same thing: Breaking through in the Western Division and winning an SEC championship.

The most interesting dynamic concerning the staff at this point is whether or not Paul Petrino will hang around. Paul Petrino is the younger brother of Bobby Petrino, and that’s sure to be a delicate situation with Bobby on the outside looking in now.

Still, Long has said he hopes Paul will remain, which would be a bonus for the Hogs on offense. Bobby ran that show, called the plays and put the plan together each week.

Paul would be the closest thing to an extension of Bobby.

The hard part with bringing somebody else in right now is that guy would certainly want to assemble his own staff.

What’s more, how many established coaches are going to want to leave their current players high and dry at this point?

Unless Long can find exactly what he’s looking for in the next few weeks and find a coach he thinks is the long-term answer, it makes sense to stick with the current staff.

Either way, the 2012 season is going to be a monumental challenge for the Hogs, who have the talent to fight through this ordeal no matter what the staff makeup looks like in the fall.

Linebackers coach Taver Johnson will stay in charge through the remainder of spring practice, which concludes on April 21.

But after that, the spotlight is back on Long.