Pro-Rose Bowl plan not Slive's favorite

It’s a given that not everybody will be totally satisfied when college football finally settles on a playoff format, which will likely be in place for the 2014 season.

The USA Today this spring outlined four options being discussed, and one of those was aimed at keeping the Rose Bowl heavily involved in the process.

So much so, that the “Four Teams Plus” plan calls for the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions to always play in the Rose Bowl. The other two games in the playoff format would be filled by the four other highest-ranked teams. The two teams playing for the championship would then be selected after those three games were played.

In other words, the Big Ten and Pac-12 would get their own little play-in game for the sake of keeping the Rose Bowl involved every year.

Not surprisingly, SEC commissioner Mike Slive told a group of sports editors in Birmingham, Ala., on Monday that the “Four Teams Plus/Big Ten and Pac-12 Rule” model was not one of his favorites.

Even my esteemed colleague and Big Ten blogger, Adam Rittenberg, doesn’t like the idea.

Why play a so-called semifinal game if there’s a chance that the winner of that game might not even reach the championship game?

If you ask me, it sounds a lot like a bunch of Little League dads getting together and trying to rig a tournament where their team gets in the easiest bracket with just enough byes to get to the championship game even though they’re about the third or fourth best team in the field.

As I stated above, not everybody is going to be happy with what we end up with in the way of a playoff.

I do agree with Rittenberg that playing the semifinal games at campus sites would help preserve the pageantry of college football. Plus, it would be fun to see Alabama or Florida playing in Columbus, Ohio during the middle of the winter, and it would be just as fun to see Wisconsin or Ohio State venturing into Tiger Stadium or Bryant-Denny Stadium at any point in the season.

I still say the most important decision in this whole playoff debate will be how the teams are selected. Will a committee be formed to pick the teams, or are we going to stick with the BCS standings?

Good luck in finding a totally unbiased committee. And if we stick with the BCS standings, I’d like to see more weight given in the formula to strength of schedule.

The next BCS meetings take place next week in Hollywood, Fla.

Maybe the Big Ten and Pac-12 officials can get their own room to discuss things.