Petrino detailed affair to AD Jeff Long

Documents released Thursday revealed that former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino carried on a relationship with Jessica Dorrell for more than a year.

Petrino admitted to Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long that he sent her candy, referred to her as a "close friend" and said the affair with Dorrell started with a kiss between the two over lunch last fall.

That information came from handwritten notes by Long during his investigation of Petrino and assistant athletic director Jon Fagg. They were released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request made by The Associated Press.

According to the notes, Petrino, 51, and Dorrell, 25, were intimate for about five months until February. But the university discovered a heavy amount of phone calls and text messages between the two that date to April of 2011.

The notes also suggest that the two decided they would have to end their intimate relationship when Dorrell decided she wanted to apply for a job under Petrino, which he wanted her to "earn."

Clearly, that didn't completely happen, considering they were together April 1 when Petrino's motorcycle accident that triggered all of this occurred.

Petrino was fired nine days after the now infamous accident. Long fired him because he failed to disclose his relationship with Dorrell, a former Arkansas volleyball player whom Petrino hired in March without disclosing his obvious conflict of interest. He also failed to disclose that he had given her $20,000. Long's notes said that the money was used for a car, wedding expenses and a vacation. Long also wrote that the payment could make Arkansas "vulnerable to sexual harassment" lawsuit.

Long's notes also made it clear that he was attempting to keep Petrino as Arkansas' head coach, but couldn't find enough reason why Petrino's actions didn't violate his contract.