Marquee matchup: Cody vs. Luigs

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Just about every week in the SEC, there are must-see individual matchups.

Sometimes it's a receiver against a cornerback, a left tackle against a defensive end or a tight end against a linebacker.

This Saturday, keep your eyes peeled on the middle of the line of scrimmage when Arkansas is offense and Alabama is on defense.

Arkansas center Jonathan Luigs is the reigning Remington Award winner as the best center in the country, and Alabama nose tackle Terrence Cody has been the most dominant interior defensive lineman in the SEC to this point.

The 360-pound Cody, who's almost freakish with his ability to move so well for a man that size, has plenty of respect for Luigs.

"He's real quick off the ball, and I'll be working on that," said Cody, the impact newcomer of the year so far in the SEC after coming over from junior college.

Cody does have once piece of advice for the Hogs.

Asked if Arkansas would challenge him much with one-on-one blocking, Cody responded, "That might be a mistake."