Spurrier still pushing SEC title game idea

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier knows how to grab headlines. He takes shots at opposing teams. He takes shots at his own team.

It’s an art, really.

Well, Spurrier yet again made news heading into this year’s SEC’s spring meetings when he said he’d like to see the conference choose its division champions based on division record instead of overall conference record.

Spurrier said Tuesday that he thinks talks concerning his idea will continue leading up to spring meetings in late May.

“I think the athletic directors and even the presidents are going to discuss it a little bit,” Spurrier said.

“What it does it just takes out the scheduling as [what] determines the winner of the divisions.”

When Spurrier first brought up his idea, he said it was unfair to Florida and Tennessee that they had to play both Alabama and LSU.

Spurrier again echoed those same sentiments Tuesday.

“Us and Georgia did not play [Alabama or LSU],” Spurrier said. “So obviously us and Georgia were probably going to win the division.”

Georgia did win the division, while South Carolina was a game back, despite sweeping the East (5-0). South Carolina went 1-2 against West opponents, losing to Auburn and Arkansas, while Georgia swept West teams Auburn, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

The only difference in conference scheduling was that Georgia played Ole Miss, who won just two games in 2011, and South Carolina played Arkansas (11-2).

Spurrier’s original argument dealt with his South Carolina team getting slighted last year after it went undefeated against East opponents, but he stayed away from that Tuesday.

This whole thing might have been conjured for selfish reasons, but Spurrier seems to feel pretty strongly about his proposal. However, it might be tough for this idea to really make it to the floor of the SEC office. Making some SEC games more important than others because of divisions might not sit well with the higher-ups.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive has certainly heard Spurrier’s idea, but without much time to process it he hasn’t really taken much of a stance on it. Though it doesn’t sound like he’s very thrilled by the idea.

Still, Spurrier thinks his idea has substance and hopes those around the league take it seriously.

“I think it’s a good idea,“ he said. “We’ll see how it works out.”