Meyer: No meetings on running up the score

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

One of the hot topics this week on the SEC coaches' teleconference was when to say when in a game that turns lopsided.

Florida's Urban Meyer has taken some criticism for kicking the late field goal against Miami two weeks ago in a three-touchdown game. Also, Tim Tebow was still in the game throwing the ball well into the fourth quarter last season in a 59-20 demolition of Tennessee.

Meyer said the whole matter of running up the score and what to do if you're leading by so many points is a total non-issue as far as he's concerned.

"We don't have a lot of staff meetings on what we're going to do if we get up by two scores or three scores," Meyer said. "That's like a player worrying about something other than his job. Our job is the development of our players and game-planning, and that's all we focus on."

South Carolina's Steve Spurrier was known to run up some big scores during his years at Florida. He said it's "embarrassing" for anybody to complain about having the score run up on them and said his philosophy in a blowout is to put his second-team players in and let them run the regular offense.

"I don't think you call a timeout to tack one in and things like that," Spurrier said. "Put the backups in and let them score."

Spurrier, whose Gamecocks have lost six straight SEC games dating back to last season, joked that he wished more people were complaining now about him running up the score.

"I wish I could get in that situation here," Spurrier said. "Very seldom has it come up here."