South Carolina to find out NCAA fate

The NCAA's Committee on Infractions will announce its findings and sanctions against South Carolina later today at 2:30 p.m. ET.

South Carolina officials appeared before the Committee on Infractions in Los Angeles in February. Among the three major NCAA infractions South Carolina has been charged with are $47,000 in improper benefits going to 12 athletes who received reduced rates at the Whitney Hotel in Columbia, S.C.

Also, the NCAA has alleged that South Carolina received $8,000 in improper benefits from the Delaware-based Student Athlete Mentoring Foundation (SAM Foundation). The president and treasurer of that organization were deemed South Carolina boosters by the NCAA. Receiver Damiere Byrd received money from the SAM Foundation, according to the NCAA, and was suspended for four games last season. He also had to repay $2,700.

South Carolina self-imposed several penalties with the hope that the NCAA would not add additional sanctions. The Gamecocks cut six scholarships in football -- one in 2012-2013, three in 2013-14 and two in 2014-15. Also, South Carolina will go from 56 to 30 official visits in 2012-13 and placed itself on three years of NCAA probation. The university will pay the NCAA a fine of $18,500 because four football players competed while ineligible in 2009.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was not listed in the NCAA's notice of allegations, but did attend the Committee on Infractions hearing in February.

Spurrier has kept a clean record with the NCAA throughout his career and expressed remorse that something like this would occur on his watch.

"We've always made it a point to follow the rules, and I'll be the first one to turn us in if I know we're doing something wrong," Spurrier said earlier this month. "But, sometimes, stuff like this happens, and you've just got to deal with it."