Top SEC players who didn't get drafted

Among those SEC players who didn't get drafted were Alabama center William Vlachos, Alabama receiver Marquis Maze, Arkansas linebacker Jerry Franklin, and LSU offensive guard Will Blackwell.

Vlachos was a three-year starter for the Crimson Tide and first-team All-SEC center last season. The NFL is hung up on measurables, which is the reason Vlachos (6-foot) wasn't drafted. But here's betting that he makes a roster and ends up playing for a long time in the NFL. Vlachos agreed to a free-agent deal with the Tennessee Titans.

Franklin led the Hogs in tackles for four straight seasons and was extremely productive, so it was surprising that he didn't go in the latter rounds. The same goes for Maze, who made a lot of big plays for the Crimson Tide and is also a weapon on special teams. Blackwell made a couple of All-America teams last season, and was an integral part of that LSU offensive line.

Here's a list of some of the more high-profile players in the SEC who didn't get drafted. If they agreed to a free-agent deal, that team is listed in parenthenses: